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This map shows the planned route into Mexico.

View Illinois to La Paz in a larger map

The following map contains a pushpin for each recent post to the blog, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter.

View Wide-Angle Wandering (blog) in a larger map

To construct this map, I did the following: 
  1. Enabled redirecting to feedburner in Blogger's settings. 
  2. Checked "Add Location to Tweets" in Twitter's Account Settings.
  3. Used Yahoo Pipes with the Fetch module to aggregate the geoFeed from Flickr, the RSS feed for Twitter (retrieved via http://twitterfeeder.com/), the RSS feed for Picasa and the RSS feed for Blogger (redirected through feedburner).
  4. Created a Google Map, and used the Import feature to populate the map from the Yahoo Pipe.  
  5. Embedded the map in an iFrame on this page.
Not all of the content appears on the map.  Some of the feeds only include the latest data but I'm pretty sure the Blogger feed contains all content.  I'm not sure where the bottleneck is.

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