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Subscribe - all the cool kids are doing it

If you'd like to follow my stories and photos, the best thing to do is subscribe, which you can do via RSS/ATOM or EmailEmail subscribers will get a few emails a week at most, with no sales pitches or sponsored commercial messages of any kind.  Just pure content.

If you're into Flickr, you can check out my photostream where you can comment, share and see information on how the photos were made.  If you dig video, check out my Vimeo channel.  I also tweet, if you do the Twitter.

More options than you'd care to choose from

  • Flickr: scanned 35mm negatives & slides mainly shot on Canon FD gear.
  • Vimeo: timelapse and other videos captured with my Contour Roam and Sony NEX-5.
  • Twitter: I'm looking for an offline Twitter client that supports Geotagging so I can post from the road and transmit whenever I get wifi
  • Google Maps: map of geotagged content posted via various services
  • Facebook: for the love of your favorite deity or natural process, don't follow me on Facebook.
  • Wide-Angle Wandering photos & posts (subscribe by E-Mail or RSS/ATOM) - this feed contains all of my blog & photo posts.  This is probably the one you want.
  • Wide-Angle Wandering blog posts (subscribe by E-Mail or RSS/ATOM) - my ramblings on travel & photography.
  • Some Disassembly Required blog posts (subscribe by E-Mail or RSS/ATOM) - modifications and projects related to gear, vehicles, computers, etc.
  • Photography on Flickr (subscribe by RSS/ATOM, geoFeed or E-Mail) - landscapes and travel photos.
  • Twitter (subscribe by ATOM/RSS)
  • Consolidated feed (subscribe by ATOM/RSS) - combines content from each service.  This one is pretty chatty and would be the next best thing to following me around with a spy camera, you weirdo.

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