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About This Site

Why I Write
This is my travelogue.
It's purpose is to let my friends and family know I'm not lying half-dead in a ditch somewhere, fearfully eying the approach of rabid donkeys, by sharing a little about the places I visit, the people I interact with and the landscapes I encounter.
There are plenty of other blogs out there that go on (and on, and on) about career breaks and restarting one's life and the mechanics of long-term travel.  I don't have anything new to say and so I endeavor to refrain.
The title refers to photography.  My camera almost always has a wide-angle lens mounted.

This travelogue started in 1998 after I took my first trip abroad.  Back then it was hosted at my university shell account and all the markup and code was crafted by hand.

Now it's easy to piece together technology from Yahoo Pipes, Google Maps, Feedburner, Twitter, Flickr and Blogspot to do all the heavy lifting.  All I have to do is trust these benevolent corporations with my personal details.  What could go wrong?

Commercial Matters
If you would like to license any content for commercial purposes, commission a piece of work to appear on another site or you would like a high-resolution copy of a photograph, feel free to contact me by email.
I am not currently accepting advertising, guest posts, sponsored posts or links or paid placements of any kind on this site. 
All content is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

This means you can copy it for non-commercial use but you have to link back to me and share your work with similar license terms.
Creative Commons License


  1. Hey Guy it would be great to add you’re site to http://overlandsphere.com, please let us know or register directly on the site. Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

  2. Everything I post here is Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike licensed so feel free to work within those bounds.

    As for links and such on your site, I'd be happy to have you guys link back to content here.

  3. I must admit I'm not too thrilled about a wholesale import of content to your site where you earn the ad revenue. Please don't do that.

    I'd be happy to write something for you that you can post on your site but please don't appropriate my non-commercial content as you describe on overlandsphere.com.

  4. Cheers and great meeting you. I just subscribed and look forward to your new adventures. Buena Suerte!

  5. Well here's hoping I follow through on all my crazy plans :) Thanks for the cold beer and for stopping by my chunk of the internet.